Car Key Replacement

When you lose a car key, you often have to call a car dealership to get a new key made. Unfortunately, if you go this route, you will have to call them during their business hours. Our car key replacement service will get you a licensed, bonded locksmith to your location fast. We will get you into your car, make sure you start up okay, and will get you back on the road. This service is available for most makes and models of cars. 

Car Key Programming

Getting a new key fob is expensive. You will likely be looking at around $750 to $1,000 to replace your key fob. A licensed and bonded professional from our team will help you reprogram your car key or fob. We work with most modern makes and models of cars. 

Car Key Duplication

Have you lost a set of car keys over the years and need to make a spare? Our team can get you a duplicate set of car keys. You can have extra sets of your car keys in case of an emergency. 

Lost Car Key

We can replace your lost car key with no hassle at all. Give us a call today, especially if you need a lost car key replaced and do not have time to go to the dealership. This service is available for any car that takes a traditional key.

Car Key Copy

Do you need a copy of your car key? Maybe you are adding a second driver or need a backup key to keep at your home or office. We can safely cut your car keys and save you the hassle of having to go to your dealership or a hardware store.

Car Key Cutting

While many hardware stores and local locksmiths can cut car keys, we also offer this service as well. We will work with any model of car and can also program key fobs if needed. This will save you the hassle of having to go to your dealership.